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Network Design and Assessment

Our Engineers will perform a design/network assessment of your local or wide area network. We will assure scalability and prevent over-utilization so your backbone can serve as a base for further expansion, giving protection to your initial investment. We are experienced in designing multiprotocol/operating systems, multimedia networks, providing redundancy, quality of service (QoS), and security throughout your whole network infrastructure. This provides your network with the flexibility needed to continually update your business with little downtime.

When NetComm designs or assesses a network, we look at 8 specific areas -

  1. How is the current technology being managed?  NetComm will review the policies or automation in place to monitor that the network is up to date and is secure.
  2. What is the network topology and how is it interacting with the network?  The foundation to a solid network starts with the physical and logical design of how data is being transferred and how healthy that network foundation is.Network Assessment
  3. What is the network's security?  We balance the network’s security so it protects your data while still remaining functional and optimized for business operations.
  4. What is the server’s infrastructure?  NetComm will examine what the current server requirements are and if the hardware of the server meets those requirements.  Our goal is not for a bare minimum server that will need to be replaced in the near future, but to have a server that is affordable, scalable and has the redundancies needed to protect your investment for years to come.
  5. What are the network services involved and what will be required?  This can be printing, internet, file sharing, email, single sign on, remote access etc…  All of the network services affect each other in some way.  What Netcomm does is evaluate those services to optimize their performance.
  6. What are the network applications?  NetComm will examine what they are, how they will interact with each other, are evaluate if they secure and up-to-date.
  7. How is the network layer performing?  We look at switches, routers and firewalls, how they are configured and are they being utilized within the network.  We evaluate if they are up-to-date, secure, and optimized for top network performance.
  8. What are the specifications for attached workstations, laptops and mobile devices?  NetComm will examine the specification for each device along with the needs of the device.  We match the hardware with the requirements needed.