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Network Security and Assessments

Network SecurityIn today's business world it is vital for a company to be aware of its vulnerabilities, and to establish policies and procedures to maintain corporate credibility and customer confidence. NetComm uses the latest in network security technologies and methodologies - making your network secure while keeping an eye on performance and functionality. We design and implement an advanced internal and external security system in accordance to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for network security.

Whether your system is based on Microsoft, Novell, UNIX, Apple or Linux, the default settings and configurations for your operating systems are inherently insecure.  With new security holes being discovered every day it is important that you have a knowledgeable security company updating your network with necessary patches, while keeping your systems running at optimal performance.

NetComm designs its security services as a process allowing for staged implementation. Every stage can be revised and adjusted to the client's needs and/or budget. This modular approach allows for implementing critical, independent pieces, or utilizing the whole process as a template for a customized security solution.

NetComm uses a 4-Stage model to secure your network and to set up security policies and procedures: 

Security Assessment

Stage 1  |  The Security Assessment: Someone can't protect their property without completely understanding what needs to be protected. That is why the first stage is always a security audit of your network environment which includes: 

  • An understanding of your business model
  • A scanned audit of customer's assets and network infrastructure
  • Identification of current internal and external threats and a listing of your level of exposure
  • We will also scan your network for additional security holes, unused ports, logins, authentication problems and password vulnerabilities
  • Finally we provide you with an executive summary that places a value on each risk and a detailed report outlining.

Stage 2  |  Planning: This is the stage where we outline the security policies and procedures. This part is the foundation of security management within an organization. A clear security policy creates awareness and defines responsibilities. Everyone in the organization must understand the importance of the policies and procedures and what is expected from them. We define the procedures according to governmental standards. We will scope out policies and procedure for every aspect of your network. Here are some areas we focus on:

  • Internal network security (User and group policies, scripts and security rights)
  • Remote Access (VPN, IPsec, MPLS and SSL)Network Security
  • Email Security
  • Antivirus/Spyware managed systems
  • Firewall and router policies
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backups and recovery systems
  • Hardware security

Stage 3 |  Implementation: Should any products be needed like IDS software, AntiVirus software, content filtering software, firewall services, VPN or remote access services Netcomm will scope the project out with timelines and costs.

Stage 4 |  Monitoring: We will install, configure, maintain and monitor your network security. We have security plans and maintenance to fit your company’s size.